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murray's pomes

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 6 months ago




to wait for rotating arrival

at central station

is to wonder

in cycles

if it’s all to happen


driving beyond

th limits of time constraints

is to arrive at motel camping

with spilt wine

and bartered pride

so far from where we started

and able to be

where needed

and on time

next day

                                                august 20

                                                to port mcneill




            setting th tone


slapped faces with broken glasses

sets tone

‘till humpback breaching past

shear off tidal line

below bum crack mountain

and wealth of information

brings back

th need for more than

eight foot tidal flats


echo bay marine park

with mosquito meadows

is suburban surprise

so far from distant memories

before clamshell beach refuge

gives enuf  space

for chronic kayak spill

and serious fishing for dinner

comes up blank

leaving gourmet spaghetti

to complete important campfire gossip


                                             august 21

                                    port mcneill – echo bay – clamshell beach



            echo cliff


to do an ian

is not th way to way to start

and going one way

when th rest goes th other

before echo cliff hot rock lunch break

for at least an hour

lets mutiny take hold

and chaos prevail

then unwinding

prawn trap tangled cruiser prop

without thanks

and returning

to culturally modified stripped

cedar forest walkway campsite



classic quinoa beef stew

before jail stories

mixes butterscotch pudding

over raging campfire

and rising winds

before evening weather report

prepares for tomorrow


                                    august 22

                                    clamshell beach and surrounds





lost and found again

is to be born once more

on th other side

where th hardest thing

to do

is getting in

second time

even if location is better

and sun is brighter





muscle prawn pesto

stays long enuf to enjoy

inlets from above


                                             august 23

                                    clamshell beach – insect island



          staying away


three pots of coffee

with boiled raisin oatmeal

and real men stretch yoga

is possible


on day off

before all rules are abandoned

and chaos prevails


paddling out to real ocean

is what to do

as long

as decisions are made

as to where it all leads

and we stay away

from th old deck a little longer


                                             august 24

                                    insect island






arrive while still able

to appreciate ruggedness

of ocean solitude

and forest needle carpet underlay

gives room to finish all

a little closer

to what is meant

to be




(with different versions for final line)


refused help cooking

leaves little more than looking

1 – at return booking

2 – at salmon hooking

3 – at distant storming

4 – at sparrow pecking


                                    august 25

                                    insect island – owl island




            journey into past


low tide pause 

with minimal clam find

leaves coffee oatmeal


to bring in silent sunshine

and search for mythical longhouses

where rescued floating butterfly

mixes political reprobates’

sexual fantasies

and peanut butter jelly

afternoon movie memories

with deep clam shell beaches

and totem village ruins


                                    august 26

                                    owl island – mamalilacula – owl island







two clam each lunch appetizer

after morning low tide beach scour

and completed departure prep

before ceremonial d’sonoqua

statue presentation

says proper broughton farewell

with high tide water taxi arrival


dolphin whale show


is proper way to return

before two hour cable car dinner confusion

and frantic inspection bookings

welcomes back

to real wolrd


                                    august 27

                                    owl island – return



please add photos - m th k










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